Code example

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import time
 import os
 import re
 import logging
 import socket
import cheesepi as cp
 import Task
logger = cp.config.get_logger(__name__)
class Ping(Task.Task):
# construct the process and perform pre-work
 def __init__(self, dao, spec):
 Task.Task.__init__(self, dao, spec)
 self.spec['taskname'] = "ping"
 if not 'landmark' in self.spec: self.spec['landmark'] = ""
 if not 'ping_count' in self.spec: self.spec['ping_count'] = 10
 if not 'packet_size' in self.spec: self.spec['packet_size'] = 64
 socket.gethostbyname(self.spec['landmark']) # we dont care, just populate the cache
 pass # record ping failure later
# actually perform the measurements, no arguments required
 def run(self):"Pinging: %s @ %f, PID: %d" % (self.spec['landmark'], time.time(), os.getpid()))
# measure and record funtion
 def measure(self):
 start_time =
 op_output = self.perform(self.spec['landmark'], self.spec['ping_count'], self.spec['packet_size'])
 end_time =
 if op_output!=None: # we succeeded
 self.parse_output(op_output, self.spec['landmark'],
 start_time, end_time, self.spec['packet_size'], self.spec['ping_count'])
 self.dao.write_op(self.spec['taskname'], self.spec)
 #ping function
 def perform(self, landmark, ping_count, packet_size):
 packet_size -= 8 # change packet size to payload length!
 command = "ping -c %s -s %s %s"%(ping_count, packet_size, landmark)"Executing: "+command)
 self.spec['return_code'], output = self.execute(command)
if self.spec['return_code']==0:
 return output
 elif self.spec['return_code']==68:
 self.spec['error'] = "Unknown host"
 elif self.spec['return_code']==2:
 self.spec['error'] = "No response"
 return None
#read the data from ping and reformat for database entry
 def parse_output(self, data, landmark, start_time, end_time, packet_size, ping_count):
 self.spec["start_time"] = start_time
 self.spec["end_time"] = end_time
lines = data.split("\n")
 first_line = lines.pop(0).split()
 self.spec["destination_domain"] = first_line[1]
 self.spec["destination_address"] = re.sub("[()]", "", str(first_line[2]))
delays = [-1.0] * ping_count# initialise storage
 for line in lines:
 if "time=" in line: # is this a PING return line?
 # does the following string wrangling always hold? what if not "X ms" ?
 # also need to check whether we are on linux-like or BSD-like ping
 if "icmp_req" in line: # BSD counts from 1
 sequence_num = int(re.findall('icmp_.eq=[\d]+ ',line)[0][9:-1]) -1
 elif "icmp_seq" in line: # Linux counts from 0
 sequence_num = int(re.findall('icmp_.eq=[\d]+ ',line)[0][9:-1])
 logging.error("ping parse error:"+line)
 delay = re.findall('time=.*? ms',line)[0][5:-3]
 # only save returned pings!
 elif "packet loss" in line:
 loss = re.findall('[\d]+% packet loss',line)[0][:-13]
 self.spec["packet_loss"] = float(loss)
 elif "min/avg/max/" in line:
 fields = line.split()[3].split("/")
 self.spec["minimum_RTT"] = float(fields[0])
 self.spec["average_RTT"] = float(fields[1])
 self.spec["maximum_RTT"] = float(fields[2])
 self.spec["stddev_RTT"] = float(fields[3])
self.spec['delays'] = str(delays)
 self.spec['uploaded'] = self.spec['packet_size'] * self.spec['ping_count']
 self.spec['downloaded'] = 8 * self.spec['ping_count']
if __name__ == "__main__":
 #general logging here? unable to connect etc
 dao = cp.config.get_dao()
spec = {'landmark':''}
 ping_task = Ping(dao, spec)